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Next-Gen Retail Technology

Darko provides expertise and innovative solutions in the custom retail displays arena. We observe current retail technology trends while keeping a gauge on what the future of retail will offer. You could say we’re tech geeks and that would make us smile.​

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Shaping the Future of Retail Technology

The future of in-store retail technology is brighter than ever. At Darko, we seamlessly integrate advanced technology into retail displays. Our experience speaks for itself. We help brands and retailers create captivating in-store experiences. We bridge the gap between online and physical worlds, offering unique shopping experiences. In the dynamic retail world, staying ahead of the competition is key.

Our team is committed to providing tailored solutions that boost efficiency, enhance sales, and improve customer experiences.

What Retail Technologies are Deployed in the Retail Industry?

Retail technology is the application of sophisticated tools, software, and systems to enhance and streamline both shopper experiences and retail operations. Utilizing these technologies empowers brands & retailers with insights into shopper behavior, improves operational efficiencies, boosts sales, and ultimately increases profitability.

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The Latest Retail Technology Trends and Solutions from Darko

Connected Displays

Create personalized, engaging, CX for shoppers and gain valuable marketing insights and operational efficiencies for brands and retailers.​

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Mobile & QR Tech

Offers easy access to desired information and synchronized experiences along with a gateway to omni-channel, process optimization and automated solutions.

Data & Analytics

Utilize advanced analysis to expose beneficial data on shopper preferences, journey pathing, and in-store predictive maintenance.

Custom Dashboards

Presents concise, visual data interpretations to support information driven decisions for improved performance.

Hardware Development

Design and creation of physical components, devices, or systems tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Sensor Technology

Observe and collect movement from the physical world to trigger actions or events based on real-time sensor data.


Utilize immersive technology such as touch screens, AR & VR to enhance the customer shopping experience.


Streamline shopping experiences through user-friendly software interfaces.

Darko is your Technology Partner for CX In-store

When it comes to enhancing customer experience (CX) in-store, you need a partner who embraces forward thinking technology, understands retail compliance, offers evergreen support, and takes a full service approach. And that’s us, Darko. We’re not just a vendor, we’re a partner.

We live and breathe the retail experience in-store, and we’re committed to keeping our clients ahead of the curve. Our promise to you? That we’ll be with you every step of the way. We’re all about consistent, outstanding service that keeps your displays performing and your customers engaged. Are you ready to revolutionize your retail space with Darko, your trusted technology partner for CX in-store?


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Darko’s tech team coordinates optimal hardware options that integrate seamlessly with custom developed systems and software, delivering the intended CX.

Are you ready to revolutionize your retail space with Darko, your trusted technology partner for CX in-store?