PPI Beauty

From Beast
to Beauty

PPI Beauty is a growing  global brand that markets makeup tools and body care to over 60 countries.

Known for some fan favorite products that are popular on Youtube and other online spaces, they needed solutions that were as lovely and vibrant as the fans that engaged with them.

Between their eCom efforts and placement at retail partners like Walmart, Target, and Ulta, they needed a retail program that built on their online presence and helped maintain consistency around the country and world.


Illuminated to Attract
Designed to Engage

The Retail Challenge

PPI needed help in-store to bring their product to life and highlight key makeup tools that are best in class.

The previous system had an outdated and inefficient planogram, and had no lighting. As you can imagine, their product line was getting lost in the sea of competition on shelves. PPI needed a partner who could not only design and produce, but who would help carry them to the finish with installation and follow up support.

The Approach

To highlight and move priority products in retailers everywhere. We needed to attract and engage shoppers to their inline retail displays.

Based on our research and experience, we knew that lighting and a strategically designed planogram solution would put the proper focus on the right products for their fans, giving them the chance to easily know what’s right for them.

The Darko Solve

Our expereince helped us quickly develop the right design system for PPI, run a 100 store test, and then a full rollout domestically and internationally.

Darko designed a modular system of 2' sections that could be customized per retailer with components that helped display their product line neatly. Thoughtfully placed LED lighting highlighted the shelf fronts and helped bring clarity to the shopping experience.

The In-Store Impact

  • 705
    Locations and growing
  • +10%
    Sales growth
  • 2,600
    Facings gained with switch to tray vs. peg strategy
One of the best perks of being a designer is when you see what you design on a screen transform into a beautiful thing! I’m proud to be a part of the PPI + Darko team.
PPI Beauty
Graphic Designer

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