connected display solution for Walmart

Roku pioneered streaming to the TV. Their mission is to be the streaming platform that connects and benefits the entire TV ecosystem around the world. 

Roku needed an in-store partner who is tech savvy, but who could design and produce a fully connected solution to help Roku reach those customers who shop in-store. Thus our first Connected Display was born.

And with that came the ability to monitor display health, wellness, and engagement. Remotely. A real gamechanger for in-store retail.


Engineered for connection
Designed to Engage
Roku 8' inline Connected Display at Walwart

The Retail Challenge

First priority is to always design a display that engages shoppers, then adding in the coordination of connectivity technology that works with Walmart and Roku, that could be monitored remotely, real time, AND meeting Walmart's in-store guidelines. Oh yeah, and make it 4 ways. Talk about retail chaos.

The Approach

Test & Learn. Quickly. Darko quickly built out a plan for integrating the necessary components and software infrastructure and began testing, while design began developing the structure and user experience.

The Darko Solve

A custom retail display solution specifically for Roku, that accommodated 2 different configurations, 4' and 8', with the ability to connect online for select locations. But that was just the beginning. We built out a custom dashboard for Roku to monitor and review real time data, including health and wellness monitoring of the displays that are connected. From install and setup until today, we’ve been providing evergreen support.

The In-Store Impact

  • 140
    Connected Displays at Walmart
  • 377,000
    Page views
  • Increase
    In shopper dwell time
Darko's tech team coordinates optimal hardware options that integrate seamlessly with custom developed systems and software, delivering the intended CX.

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