How to Improve Retail Productivity and Sales with Shopper Unlocked Displays

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Combatting retail theft is now part of daily operations. This creates multiple pain points for retailers and consumers. Retailers' capital and labor costs have risen as a result, while shoppers are facing an increasingly difficult shopping experience. 

Shopper-activated product access solutions revolutionize how retail businesses balance merchandise security with customer experience. ShopperAccess is a next generation loss prevention solution that grants shoppers easy access to products within locked cases. This next generation of display security solutions strikes a new balance for retailers. It lowers labor and capital costs for retailers, while also providing an empowering experience for shoppers.

The Current State Of Retail Loss Prevention Is Untenable

Traditional retail loss prevention methods often create unintended obstacles for retailers and their customers. As retailers secure their inventory it has led to unintended consequences.

The Consequences of poor anti-theft display solutions:

  • Associates waste 30 minutes to 1.5 hours a day unlocking merchandise for customers in a single category. Imagine how this multiplies against several locked categories.
  • Stores lose about $10,000.00 in productivity, per year, per store, per category just to unlock merchandise.
  • Customers waste 2.5 - 4 minutes waiting for associates unlocking products which can lead to an increase in shopper abandonment.
  • Close to 50% of consumers will avoid merchandise they cannot access themselves in-store
  • Shoppers give up in store, leading to lost or cheaper product sales, and lost business to competitors or online retailers. 

Shoppers, brands and retailers are all losing when locked cases require store associates to help. We know this situation is untenable. This is why retailers, with the support of the team at Darko are turning to ShopperAccess. It provides a secure, empowering, labor efficient, shopping experience. 

A Ground-Breaking Display Solution Is Already Here

ShopperAccess presents a groundbreaking solution for anyone in the retail industry struggling with the limitations of traditional loss prevention. By introducing shopper-activated access, ShopperAccess enhances retail productivity through labor efficiencies and shrink prevention enabling a 9.9% ROI. 

With this flexible, mobile technology, retailers no longer need to dedicate staff time to unlocking cases. The advanced security measures within ShopperAccess systems dramatically reduce theft, safeguarding inventory for legitimate sales. These combined productivity and efficiency benefits directly boost a retailer's bottom line.

Retail Labor Efficiencies - No Associate Required

The Cost of Locked Display Cases

Locked display cases aren't just a source of customer frustration in a retail environment. They represent significant hidden costs for retailers. On average, merchandise loss due to theft amounts to $652 per store, per average priced high theft item, annually. In addition, associates unlock cases an average of 7 times per day, spending 2.5 - 4 minutes per interaction. 

This strain on employee productivity adds up. This translates to a staggering 1.5 cumulative hours each day. This adds up to a labor cost of $27 daily, or $9504 per store, per year. Across a chain of 2500 stores, these labor productivity costs balloon to over $23 million annually.

ShopperAccess Empowers Shoppers with a Safe, Speedy, Personal Experience

Shopper-activated product access solutions transform the customer experience. Customers scan a QR code with their mobile phone. They immediately receive a text message with a dynamic code to open the locked case. 

This self-service approach eliminates the frustration customers often experience when forced to wait for assistance. Shoppers can now gain access in less time than it used to take to wait for an associate to unlock a locked case. This simple mobile technology creates a much needed, more frictionless in-store experience.

Statistics show any wait longer than 60 seconds will cause some level of frustration. By removing this bottleneck, ShopperAccess technology frees up valuable time for shoppers and associates. For associates, this improves productivity on other key tasks for optimal store performance and enhances employee engagement.

Shrink Reduction: A Significant Savings

Minimizing Theft

The impact of ShopperAccess technology on theft prevention is substantial. Studies show that solutions like ShopperAccess can reduce average theft by a remarkable $429 per store annually in just one very low velocity segment. When calculated across a chain of 1000 stores, this savings potential reaches a staggering $429,000. Now imagine how much loss can be secured with ShopperAccess on higher velocity categories.

The Real Impact

The advantages of ShopperAccess extend far beyond mere shrink reduction. With a proven 9.9% ROI delivered in real-time, this technology translates to tangible gains for brands and retailers. By making high-value products more accessible, ShopperAccess solutions naturally boost sales opportunities. 

The combination of enhanced merchandise security and streamlined customer experience ultimately drives higher revenue and increased customer satisfaction. This is a win-win for any retail operation.

The Real Return on Investing in ShopperAccess

The 5 Benefits of ShopperAccess Innovative Cases

ShopperAccess delivers customizable & scalable cases, and retrofit solutions, that provide a powerful array of long-term benefits to retailers. 

  1. They offer a significant reduction in theft through sophisticated security features that impact inventory management and profits. 
  2. By enabling self-service access, ShopperAccess reduces labor costs of the retail workforce. This cuts down on the number of employees needed on hand that a traditional locked case would require. 
  3. The resulting improved customer experience and increased product accessibility naturally lead to higher sales conversions. 
  4. With decreased theft, retailers write off fewer goods, which lowers overall COGS (cost of goods sold).  
  5. Ultimately, the combination of reduced theft and increased sales directly boost your bottom-line margins.

A Powerful Solution Is Ready For You

In today's competitive retail landscape, ShopperAccess mobile technology offers a powerful solution for addressing the long-standing challenges of traditional loss prevention methods. By streamlining product access and automating the engagement, ShopperAccess empowers retailers to reap significant benefits in both labor optimization and shrink reduction.

The enhanced customer experience, coupled with increased accessibility to high-value products, fosters increased sales opportunities and greater customer satisfaction. Are you seeking a way to improve the shopping journey and enhance your bottom line? Let's talk about how ShopperAccess can improve your bottom line. 

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