About Darko


As a retail display partner to more than 100 brands across the nation and globe, we apply research, technical innovation, and creative problem solving to create retail experiences that deepen the connection between brands and their consumers.

Our history

Practice makes perfect. And we’ve got almost 50 years of practice.

The world of retail displays has changed a lot in that time. When we started, no one would have imagined interactive technology embedded in displays, data-driven analytics driving updates, or any of the countless consumer trends that have changed the way the world shops.

But some things haven’t changed. Across all those years, we’ve continued to create innovative displays, category solutions and advanced digital applications for brands and retailers.

Dan Rinicella Sr. started Darko Inc. 47 years ago and has been along for the journey ever since.

Family Owned & Operated

Not bound to shareholders, PE, or holding companies

Cleveland Made,
Local to everywhere.

Our hometown made us who we are: proud, determined, and ready for any challenge. Now, we bring the spirit of Cleveland with us around the world.

Our main facility is located in Bedford Heights, Ohio, just a few minutes outside Cleveland.

Our Commitment to Innovation

With our innovative take on creative technology, we create end-to-end solutions that showcase your products and boost your bottom line.

We bring equal parts style and substance to every experience, helping your products to rise above the rest.

team work

Our Approach to Technology

We’re developing the next generation of talent right here in Cleveland. Guided by our experts with lifelong experience, we believe that the best work comes through fresh young minds. Our team is in the mix of local talent pushing the boundaries of new technology and innovation.

  1. 1

    Software & Hardware

    Our in-house tech team does hardware, software, UX, and brings them all together to develop innovative display features from touch screens, to point of purchase, to tracking performance data.

  2. data &

    For Connected Display solutions, we're able to now gather shopper data on engagement to help optimize future performance.

  3. 3

    Testing & Integration

    Our facilities have dedicated space for testing before producing. We have electrical safe zones in warehouse. We know 3rd party integrations like we know how to breathe.

Our Team

Darko Leaders

Dean Rinicella
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Lisa Parks
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Scot Plewaki
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Allan Forchione
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Dean Rinicella
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Tech Lead
Dean Rinicella
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Dean Rinicella
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Dan Rinicella
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Derek Rinicella
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What we stand for

We Envision a Sustainable Retail Future

At Darko we are committed to promoting and pursuing sustainable efforts to ensure we do our part to make an impact on the future of our total environment.

We Recycle

Since 2014, we’ve sought ways implement sustainably practices
157, 000 lbs of recycled corrugate, plastic, and paper materials
47,000 lbs of recycled metal

We Reuse

We reduce our own energy consumption for HVAC, by a million.
257 tons of electronics transferred for reconditioning and reuse
Refuse trips declined 50% reducing emissions and landfill

We Invest

Investing in smart equipment to help our facility run cleaner.
100% “Green” Lift Battery Operated Material Handling Fleet

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A day in the life

See how and where the secret sauce is brewed. A short video of a day in the office at Darko. A fun spirited mix of our people and our home base.