Scalable In-Store Solutions

Moen is a human-centered brand that designs products that make everyday tasks a little easier.

Darko was called on by Moen marketing team to produce a Gallery display for their dealer showrooms of across the country.

So we worked closely with Moen to develop a multi-year scalable design solution that had to be modular and hold existing current product pods already in the field and have a sense of timelessness to make Moen product stand out and be the hero.


Engineered for Modularity
Designed to Engage

The Retail Challenge

Moen showrooms were in need of a complete overhaul. And not just a couple of them – 2,600 locations nationwide. The problem was that shoppers weren’t engaging with the displays in a sustained and meaningful way. This led to lower sales, of course, but it also meant that the overall perception of their brand was being damaged. They needed a fix, and fast.

The Approach

To highlight and move priority products in customer showrooms.

We needed to help bring shoppers back to their showrooms and get them engaged. What we discovered was, showrooms were dated and in some cases, poorly lit. Details were hard to see and were not appealing. From the beginning, and due to the need to make this happen quick, we knew we needed a modular design system.

The Darko Solve

Let’s be real, this was not small feat, but we’ve been down this retail road before and came in with a plan that could show their products in a whole new light.

We started by designing a modular system that let shelves hang, creating more space to planogram with the existing acrylic pods. We also added LED lighting to strategically highlight the Moen brand, as well as spotlighting specific areas promoting new product features and innovation launches.

Now comes the fun stuff

Innovating for the Innovators

Working in our 30,000 sq/ft dedicated client innovation center, we built, tested, and refined their showroom designs to ensure they worked for today’s needs and tomorrow’s changes.

The In-Store Impact

  • 12,750
    Points of distribution gained
  • 425,000
    Pieces received & assembled
  • 35
    Days from design lock to full prototype
Love these interactive displays and how they highlight the awesome features of the Moen Smart Faucet.
Senior Project Manager

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