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Arlo, a leading smart home security brand, aimed to enhance in-store engagement for shoppers with their products.

Their objective was to amplify their brand visibility and introduce consumers to Arlo's 'power of protection’ directly at Best Buy stores.

In collaboration with Arlo, we crafted a unique custom connected display system that allows for remote management and updates. The solution provides real-time data and insights that can be applied to future activations as the in-store shopper experience (CX) continues to evolve.


Technology driven &
Designed to Engage

The Retail Challenge

Design a blended physical-digital (phygital) shopping environment that presents Arlo's newest home security offerings in real-time. This not only embodies Arlo's brand commitment, "We Protect Your Everything," but also integrates a system to measure shopper interaction and ensure that the retail display remains efficient, high-performing, and conversion-focused.

The Approach

Our aim was to create a captivating, immersive in-store journey to boost sales.

We envisioned drawing shoppers into Best Buy, ensuring a fluid transition from Arlo's online presence to its in-store ambiance. This would enable homeowners to familiarize themselves with the products, understand their advantages, gain knowledge, and promote hands-on product exploration.

To ensure longevity and adaptability, our solution had to be forward-thinking, ready for upcoming tech adaptations, and robust enough to thrive in the retail setting.

The Darko Solve

We gathered a diverse team of experts to model Arlo's most powerful retail presentation yet, always considering future advancements.

We employed multiple ultra-wide displays to accommodate various shoppers simultaneously. Additionally, we showcased physical products on a feature wall that illuminates upon touch button interaction, offering a memorable and interactive experience for Arlo's customers.

Now comes the fun stuff

From Sketch to in-store

Our in-house prototyping service transforms your ideas into tangible, interactive models, allowing you to visualize and test your concepts before full-scale production. Leveraging cutting-edge tools and expertise, we ensure your prototype aligns with your vision, streamlining the path from concept to reality.

The In-Store Impact

  • 50
    Flagship Best Buy locations
  • TBD
    Currently monitoring in-store data
  • 2024
    Established numbers will be shared
The design aspires to the highest levels of interactivity and customer engagement, and it delivers.
Senior channel marketing manager

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