Five Cosmetic Retail Display Hacks for Show-Stopping Brands

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Today’s self-care retail displays have to do more than hawk a product, they need to be eye-catching and stand out with bold colors, flawless presentation, and trend-setting product positioning. A great display creates an experience, fostering the connection between the consumer and the brand, and catching the eye of those shoppers looking for a product that will elevate their daily lives.

We’re in the business of creating viral consumer experiences, working with major brands and retailers, like e.l.f. Beauty, Ulta Beauty, and PPI Beauty. Darko is perfecting the art of standing out on the shelf and having fun doing it. In that spirit, here are our five hacks for displays that elevate your show-stopping, in-store and internet-breaking brand. 

  1. Elevate those viral products

Our first hack is simple. Elevate your product with showcases that accentuate your hero products. For too long brands have been stuck on basic shelves– entire product lines in a sea of similarity. By using good planning, you can highlight your show-stoppers with signage, acrylic display boxes, and cosmetic organizers. You’ve got a product that needs to be the star of the shelf, elevate it, and proudly present it to the world.

  1. Curate a product’s presence on the shelf

When it’s time to stand out on the shelf, use a touch of creativity to curate its presence, showcasing your special unicorn among everyday ponies. Thoughtfully positioning your product as a part of a well-designed display or merchandising program will draw the eye to your featured products enabling you to stand out in the plethora of everyday beauty products, ordinary makeup displays and simple shelf placements. 

  1. Illuminate your product’s best features

When your display debuts, your product has to radiate with bold color and brilliance. Help your consumers to see your products in a new way by utilizing strategically positioned lighting (LED). Some of your consumers might be waiting for that heavenly light to shine down on the right product for them to purchase, so make this happen for them with a little heavenly lighting of your own.

  1. Captivate your new brand evangelist

Interactive experiences will engage with consumers in-store, aiding them to explore the entire line, and to ultimately purchase right there. Immerse your fans in a 3D version of your already excellent brand experience by being bold and offering them more eye-catching choices. Mobile technology is merely one of the mediums at your disposal to attain this type of connectivity with your target audience. 

  1. Innovate with technology trends

Cosmetic displays are ditching the static and embracing tech-driven experiences for new self-care trends. Interactive mirrors let you virtually try on care products. AI can tailor product recommendations. QR codes can bridge the gap between physical shelves and online reviews, blurring the lines between browsing and buying. In addition, the latest advancements in security mean that even retail loss prevention solutions can still be frictionless for consumers. All of this innovation is turning cosmetic aisles and free-standing displays into personalized, omnichannel playgrounds. 

Take some inspiration from these success stories

Curious about how to put these hacks into action for your context? Read on for two examples of rockstar brands that Darko has helped create displays for, which exemplify the five hacks we just covered. 

This top-shelf showcase for e.l.f. Beauty received some out-of-the-box thinking when we reinvented the cosmetic display showcase using color and light, taking it to the next level. The result? A +24% growth in favorability perception with shoppers calling it 'eye-catching merchandising, easy to find and easy to shop.’

When PPI Beauty wanted to stand out, we created a unique display solution, removing the product from traditional peg merchandising and placing the product at an angle in a custom designed gradient shelf, allowing more visibility and accessibility for the consumer. The result? Over 10% in sales growth, and delight from customers.

Ready to employ these five hacks? 

In today's competitive landscape, static displays simply fade into the background. To win hearts and carts, cosmetic brands require immersive experiences that elevate products to objects of desire. This demands a strategic approach to display, where light, placement, and color become silent seducers.

  • Spotlight viral sensations and hero products, drawing customers in with targeted illumination.
  • Curate shelves as captivating landscapes, guiding discovery through intentional product placement and color harmonies.
  • Harness the power of light, not just to showcase, but to reveal hidden features and textures, adding depth and intrigue.
  • Interactive elements and personalized recommendations then transform passive browsing into active co-creation, further amplifying the experience.

Ready to unleash the full potential of your displays? We specialize in crafting eye-catching, experience-driven solutions that captivate customers and ignite sales. From concept to execution, we collaborate with you to create displays that whisper promises and illuminate your brand.

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