Retail Loss Prevention Solutions for high theft or premium merchandise in stores now, that help sell more and lose less.

ShopperAccess loss prevention solution at Walgreens

No Associate Required

ShopperAccess provides ‘nextgen’ loss prevention solutions in-store that protect and highlight merchandise, while providing simple secured access for shoppers.

ShopperAccess Set Apart

We’re different for a reason, a few actually.

Keyless & Wireless

ShopperAccess is as close to plug & play as it gets, except no plug required. No app, physical key or internet connection is needed for shoppers to access protected merchandise. This battery powered solution has minimal maintenance and makes setup quick & simple.

No Personal Data Collection

We do not gather, collect or keep the shoppers personal data. It’s baked into our technology literally, and our code of conduct. We don’t ask for name or email, only a mobile number to access merchandise.

Customizable & Scalable

Our patent pending technology allows us to design and develop custom retail loss prevention solutions that fit any space where high value products need a layer of protection.

Currently Using ShopperAccess

We’re creating ‘Ready To Manufacture’ solutions right now.

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How it works

ShopperAccess is simple, safe and secure for shoppers to use.

Closeup of hands using a mobile phone to scan a QR code.

Scan QR Code

Scan the QR code with your mobile phone and follow instructions.

Closeup of a hand typing in a number from a text message onto a keypad.

Enter PIN

A random pin will be texted to your phone. Enter the pin into the keypad correctly and the door will open.

A man opening the door of a Shopper Access display to remove a product.

Access Product

Access your product without the need for retail associate help.

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A Fully Ready Retail Solution

Avoid shopper abandonment. 66% of shoppers typically walk away from locked product. With ShopperAccess, a shoppers’ mobile device can access multiple product cases in a single visit.

On Shelf

Our first retail solution was designed to sit on a fixture shelf or replace a shelf by attaching directly to any gondola system. The units can be grouped vertically or horizontally as desired.


Due to our technology, we’re able to go well beyond any shelf and create a custom secured solution for your brand providing access for your customers while highlighting and protecting your valuable merchandise.

A Shopper Access retail display of cosmetic products.A Shopper Access number keypad with a QR code on it.

Fully Customized

Do you have a need for large scale merchandise protection, something more expanded or upscale for your store environment? Consider consulting with our development team on how we can help provide guidance.

ShopperAccess Key Features

Theft Deterrent

ORC, short for Organized Retail Crime, is the fastest growing theft issue in-store and saw a 26.5% increase in 2021. ShopperAccess uses cloud based analytics and systems monitoring.

Keyless Entry

Gone is the need for a physical key to access protected product. Shopper enabled access with a mobile phone is all you need.

Self Closing & Locking

After customers have accessed and pulled their product, our cases will self lock after a designated time to keep access limited.

Pain Point

94.5 billion in losses are attributed to shoplifting

ShopperAccess Benefits

Shopper Enablement

This is more of a statement, a process by which Darko creates and delivers. Enabling shoppers to have a great experience in-store is what we call Shopper Enablement and we will always strive for excellence.

Improved CX

66% of shoppers abandon the in-store purchase when encountering physically locked up products. ShopperAccess eliminates the need to ask for assistance, creating a friendly shopper engagement.

Retail Efficiences

Setup, maintenance, and customer service are all areas that ShopperAccess scores well. With shoppers being able to access protected merchandise on their own, store team members can work and serve more efficiently.

Improved Safety

Store associate and customer protection is a very important concern for retailers.  ShopperAccess could potentially decrease the amount of violent store incidents for opportunistic criminal activity.

This system will allow retailers and brands to “Lose Less & Sell More”
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