Bringing the Smart
Home In-Store

A trusted partner of Amazon with a track record of delivering their most innovative products in-store.

We have helped shape Amazon’s retail strategy and adapted it to new product focuses, retail locations, and more. As their consumer tech expanded, so did the complexity of our displays.

Our flexibility and retail-expertise have been at the heart of our evolving relationship. Which has helped shape intuitive but memorable experiences.


A History of Bringing Innovative Products to Market

A Collaboration on Innovation In-Store

How do you grow a 10 year relationship? One day at a time.

It all begins with finding collaborative brands and retailers who want innovation, but more importantly strive for excellence in retail. Our 'can do' approach compliments Amazon's need for innovative retail solutions. Amazon disrupted online, and they didn't stop there. From online retailer to product innovator, to full brick and mortar, Amazon touches our lives in so many ways. Once Amazon became more than an online retailer, Darko came in at the right time to explore along the way, providing guidance, problem solving, real solutions, evergreen support, all while helping control the retail chaos, and delivering best in class service.

Now comes the fun stuff

Innovating for the Innovators

Scaleable endcap design for different store environments.

The In-Store Impact

  • 1,800
    Units in Target stores
  • 97%
    Compliance achieved
  • 2 in 1
    Solution for both 3' & 4' endcaps
This system will allow our customers to interact with Alexa, getting assitance with in-store workflows, alert associates on-the-go, and create returns without the need of physical assistance. Another project for the books that we were able to deliver. Excited to continue our partnership with Darko in 2021!
Technical Program Leader

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