Bringing DTC

With every great start-up, there’s a great start-up story. Frida makes products for moms and babies.

While they launched purely as a DTC in the beginning, when it was time to take the plunge into the in-store retail environment, they needed a little help…  and that’s where we struck up a great relationship!

Retail is a lot like parenting: there’s a lot to learn from your first time.


Support a Brand’s Dream
Launched In-Store in 6 Months

The Retail Challenge

Going from purely online to physical retail the first time can be an adventure for folks who’ve only sold online. Which product line launches first? What kind of budget should we factor in? What’s does our brand look like in the 3D environment? What can we expect?

Thankfully, we speak retail.

The Approach

We did our homework, and then some. We had to study and embrace their brand & guidelines, listen to their vision, and ask some smart questions.

Frida needed more than a display, they needed an eco-system of in-store options to cover a multitude of amazing products.

Included in that was making sure their personality was reflected in the final outcome.

The Darko Solve

We’re so thankful for journeying alongside Frida Baby and Frida Mom to engage with consumers in store with interactive elements that helped parents explore the entire line, and to ultimately purchase right there.

We were able translate their engaging and playful visuals into an attention-grabbing in-store experience.

The In-Store Impact

  • 7
  • 19,947
  • 3 yrs
    Still in stores :)
Darko will always be our desired partner to get a program done and done right.
Vice President of Sales

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