Global In-Store

SodaStream introduced a global rebrand in 2023. A forward thinking, aspirational tagline of 'PUSH FOR BETTER' was created as an internal and external call to launch into the future.

SodaStream reduces carbon footprint by decreasing canned sparkling beverage consumption.

New product. New packaging. SodaStream offers superior innovation, quality and design and is the category leader for the DIY sparking beverages and continues to build it's global presence.


Modular Solutions. Scalable & Flexible. Future Proof.

The Retail Challenge

Roll-out to 47 global markets. Fast tracked. A big challenge was managing the size and scale of in-store activation across 9 North American retailers, with different standards and guidelines, all while holding to SodaStream's need to be sustainable and build brand equity.

The Approach

Follow the process. Darko developed a cross-channel launch strategy to encompass SodaStream's new product ecosystem for a series of flexible and scalable retail fixture solutions. How? Being collaborative with our partnership and transparent with global suppliers to meet critical launch dates.

The Darko Solve

Through strong project management and supply chain efficiencies, split production between over-seas & domestic, the SodaStream and Darko teams were able to design, engineer, produce, assemble and ship 6,330 displays on time and with superior quality. 

The results were impressive, delivering an immediate impact and elevating visibility and equity of the SodaStream brand. 

The In-Store Impact

  • 9
    Retailer Partners
  • 6330
    In-Store Activations
  • 42
    Days to Launch
Just a note of good news with just about 3 weeks in market – the results are stellar.
Thank you for all for the efforts that went into getting these in-store.
senior director shopper marketing

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