Get to Know ShopperAccess: A Retail Merchandise Protection System

Theft is a problem, but budgets are tight… You need a simple and effective response to retail loss. Most solutions create more headaches, require more from your staff, and disrupt the customer experience. This risks the valuable trust you have built with your loyal customer base. It’s time to reimagine retail display security from the ground up.

What is ShopperAccess?

ShopperAccess is the next generation retail theft display security system you need. It’s designed to provide secure access to valuable merchandise while minimizing the need for in-store assistance from retail associates. This solution puts the customer and their needs first, without sacrificing your bottom line.

This keyless, wireless (battery operated), and configurable system uses cloud-based analytics and systems monitoring. Shoppers simply use their mobile phones to scan a QR code. No app is required.

The QR code will generate a random PIN to access the merchandise. Physical keys or internet connections are not necessary. It is a secure and efficient way for retailers to protect their high-value merchandise.

This self-service engagement also improves the shopping experience for customers. Retailers can use this method to safeguard products while still providing their customers with an uninterrupted shopping experience.

The ShopperAccess technology allows the design to be simple to set up, scalable, and fully customized to fit any retail space or product category.

Why do retailers need ShopperAccess?

ShopperAccess is necessary for today’s retail space. It addresses the growing problem of theft and Organized Retail Crime (ORC) that costs retailers billions of dollars every year. ORC is a sophisticated form of retail theft. 

Our solution provides a more accessible and secure system than existing solutions. It offers theft-deterring keyless and wireless access to any category or department that displays high-theft merchandise. Because this doesn’t require associate assistance, your team is free to focus on more important tasks and higher value engagement with customers. 

Shoppers can now access the merchandise they want, no waiting, no awkward unwanted conversations, which keeps customers happy. This helps improve efficiency, safety, and the overall customer experience in the retail environment.

What Unique Features Does ShopperAccess Provide?

Unlike other solutions, ShopperAccess does not require a physical key to open it. Customers just need a mobile phone to scan a QR code. Through wireless technology, it can be opened and closed without any help from retail staff. ShopperAccess is also highly configurable, allowing you to choose the solution that matches your space. It’s scalable, whether you are seeking a system for one shelf or multiple shelves, an endcap or freestanding display, one retail store, or many - it can be customized for your need.

How Does ShopperAccess Benefit the Consumer?

Your customers will appreciate the safe and secure way to access high-theft products. No wait time is required for a retail associate to access them. A shopper can simply scan the QR code on the display case. 

Within seconds a one-time, secure pin code is received on their phone. The shopper can then type in a pin code they received on their phone. The case will open and they can select the item they wish to purchase from the shelf. This purchase process is unhindered by the typical friction points that occur with a purchase from a locked display case. No wait means no problem and reduced purchase abandonment.

How Does ShopperAccess Benefit the Retailer?

Retailers will appreciate the improved efficiency and reduced costs provided through ShopperAccess. Through this solution, there is no need for additional staff to monitor high-theft/high-value products. Most importantly, retail theft is prevented through this secure option, saving on the cost of replacing lost goods due to theft. It also reduces the amount of shoppers walking away and making the purchase somewhere else. Sell more and lose less is our motto.

How Can Retailers Learn More About ShopperAccess?

Interested? Sign up for our beta program to begin the process of creating a custom retail loss prevention solution through ShopperAccess. Through beta testing you will be an early adopter of this solution ready to evolve the retail industry.


ShopperAccess is designed to provide secure access to valuable merchandise while minimizing the need for in-store assistance from retail associates. It is beneficial to get a head start on this innovative technology. Join our beta program without delay to keep up with other businesses and make your customers happy.

Is ShopperAccess right for you?

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