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Cleveland, Ohio – Arlo, a leading smart home security brand, is unveiling a new way for shoppers to experience the power of protection in-person. Darko, Inc. worked with the Arlo team to design and develop the innovative branded environment launching this month, the Arlo Convergence Zone, will be activated in 50 flagship BestBuy locations around the country.


The Arlo Convergence Zone is an innovative, “phygital” shopper engagement space that offers the full experience of how Arlo products can be controlled both at home and remote via mobile. It’s a true realization of the Arlo brand promise, “We protect your everything,” and is intentionally designed to educate consumers and encourage product discovery via hands-on exploration. 


The Arlo Convergence Zone Experience was built in partnership with Darko, a custom retail display company. “The design aspires to the highest levels of interactivity and customer engagement, and it delivers” says Heidi Frost, Senior Channel Marketing Manager at Arlo.


The Convergence Zone demonstrates the retail digital transformation as it uses custom technology and cloud-connectivity to capture data points related to how shoppers are interacting with the display.  This anonymous data then feeds into a real-time dashboard that lets the Arlo + Darko teams optimize content and perform remote updates, including display health monitoring, troubleshooting, promotional updates and more.


The unique aspects of the Arlo Convergence Zone experience are powered by cutting-edge tech that integrates digital content with animated LED elements and ultra-wide monitors. 


“Having multiple screens allows more shoppers to explore at the same time, while physical products create sensory moments that foster a deeper and more meaningful brand experience for Arlo shoppers. This is the evolution of online to offline” says Scot Plewacki, Strategy Director, Darko.


The Arlo Convergence Zone is the brand’s most powerful retail presence to date and is expected to propel the brand’s category position by offering an experience that is unique in the home security and connectivity segment. It will introduce new shoppers to Arlo by increasing brand presence and awareness, while also providing loyal Arlo customers with a medium to expand their Arlo expertise. 


By familiarizing both new and current Arlo shoppers to the entire family of products and services, Arlo expects the solution to deliver higher conversion rates for both their physical products and services in-store. Additionally, the brand anticipates the activity to deliver against omni-channel and drive significantly more Arlo sales in stores with the display.


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About Darko:

Darko, based in Bedford Heights, Ohio, is a custom retail display provider and shopper experience partner to more than 100+ international brands and retailers. 

An in-house team of designers, engineers, marketers, and digital experts work diligently to support all U.S. sales locations and our global client base, by creating successful experiential retail displays and in-store environments.


Darko’s Tech-Lab employs talented programmers and developers and provides stand-up custom solutions and product development supported via backend cloud-based systems to help partners emerge as leaders in retail technology. An on-hand compliance team also ensures activation, display health and life of program maintenance to maximize clients’ return on investment (ROI).Global reach enables Darko to source, produce and deploy programs across all regions to support an international clientele. Since 1974, Darko’s commitment to clients and the ever-changing retail industry is a continued investment in infrastructure, personnel and innovation keeping us at the forefront of the business landscape, consumer shifts and technological advances.


About Arlo Technologies, Inc.

Arlo is an award-winning industry leader that is transforming the ways in which people can protect everything that matters to them with advanced home, business, and personal security solutions. Arlo’s deep expertise in AI- and CV-powered analytics, cloud services, user experience and product design, and innovative wireless and RF connectivity enables the delivery of a seamless, smart security experience for Arlo users that is easy to set up and interact with every day. Arlo’s cloud-based platform provides users with visibility, insight, and a powerful means to help protect and connect in real-time with the people and things that matter most, from any location with a Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. To date, Arlo has launched several categories of award-winning connected devices, software, and services. These include wire-free, smart Wi-Fi and LTE-enabled security cameras, video doorbells, floodlights, security system, and Arlo ‘s subscription services: Arlo Secure and Arlo Safe.


With a mission to bring users peace of mind, Arlo is as passionate about protecting user privacy as it is about safeguarding homes and families. Arlo is committed to implementing industry standards for data protection designed to keep users' personal information private and in their control. Arlo does not monetize personal data, provides enhanced controls for user data, supports privacy legislation, keeps user data safely secure, and puts security at the forefront of company culture.



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Director of Marketing, Darko, Inc.


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